In Cameroon

Mike has arrived to Cameroon, safe and sound, on Thursday evening local time. On Friday they left for the first mission of his trip, he was only able to make a very short phone call, he should be able to get online sometime next week and keep everyone up-to-date.

Thanks for reading, stay in touch.


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2 Responses to “In Cameroon”

  • Michael–
    WOW!!!! It looks like I hesitated in responding to your letter and I didn’t get back to you quickly enough to help out– I am so sorry, I should have paid more attention! I would still like to contribute to your effort in some way, (maybe when you return you can let me know how).

    From your letter, I just found your website and it is a very cool way to follow what you are doing. I will visit throughout the summer. Well done!!

    I writing to you to send ginormous congratulations on graduation and to send you all of my best wishes for this exciting adventure. You are a remarkable individual to give so much of yourself to this very worthwhile cause. And they are very fortunate to have your energy and dedication. Take care of yourself and enjoy every minute!

    Congratulations!!!! The Kilcoynes

  • I removed the donation page because I was unsure of how to transport the funds to Cameroon, but I have now found a reliable way to do it and have reinstated the contribution page. Thanks for the kind words!

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