An Important Lesson About Women

If you’re a lady you’re probably already thinking, whoa there buster, take it easy.  And if you’re a man, you’re probably thinking this is going to be interesting…

During my medical mission in Cameroon, I have learned a great deal about the cultural differences between the Western world and Africa.  However, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  It seems like they’re worlds away from an economic standpoint, but when it comes to inter-spousal relations, they’re right in our ballpark.

Exhibit A: our friend Philippe came to the hospital on our surgery day, when Dr. Georges and I typically don’t see patients.  However, the back story of his plight was just too much for us not to stay a little late and fix him up.

Philippe and his wife had a bit of a disagreement the prior night, I didn’t know what the topic of discussion was, but apparently his wife was very displeased with his choice of three lemons instead of twelve for the dinnertime centerpiece. So she did what any loving woman should, she yelled, screamed, and hit her man until she knocked some sense into him.  And then she bit him, here are the results (if you have a weak stomach, I wouldn’t look):


Poor guy...

I don’t know exactly what the lesson is, I’ll just leave that open to the reader comments.

Guess who's arm this is...

Another interesting case we had was about a week ago in the OR. The orthopaedic surgeons were preparing a man for surgery, and when I walked in I looked at the x-ray to find a compound fracture of the radius and ulna of the forearm. Huh, I wondered, having an odd deja-vu-like feeling. It seemed familiar to me for some reason, but I thought nothing of it.

The surgeons proceeded with the surgery, which by the way is fairly gruesome and raw. Although, when the operation is complete, the bones are aligned very nicely and screwed in place using a contoured plate.

Dr. Bore aligning the broken bones

After I looked at the pictures, it hit me. We just fixed the world class Ivory Coast and Chelsea F.C. soccer star Didier Drogba’s broken arm!

That's him, but...

I’m kidding right?

Yes I am, but it was a very similar injury.

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1 Response to “An Important Lesson About Women”

  • Huh, maybe this should be taken as a lesson and just be happy it hasn’t happened to you. haha. Just kidding, she took it a bit far.

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