Prospective Volunteers

If you want a volunteer experience where you’ll be standing on the sidelines observing, this may not be for you.  Dr. Georges Bwelle leads all of ASCOVIME’s missions and gets everyone involved in every aspect of each mission.  Whether you are a teacher looking to have a new experience, a pre-med student seeking to discover your career, or a wall-street suit looking for an adventure, all are encouraged to help out.  With an open mind and a passion to give, you’ll find this endeavor rewarding, enlightening, and life-altering.

Who is Needed?

Passionate people yearning for a hands-on opportunity to give back to others in need of education supplies and basic healthcare.

What to Expect?

The best way to get a good idea of what to expect from Africa, and more specifically Cameroon, is to take some time and read up on some blog posts.  You can find them either by clicking this link or by looking on the right hand bar of the page to find categories, articles, or topics that you think are interesting.

Best Times to Go?

Typically, missions are going on from mid-February until the end of November every year, so it is up to you when you come.  If you have a flexible schedule, please let us know and we can let you know specifically when would be the best time to have you come to Cameroon!


The airfare to Cameroon is not cheap, but it’s worth the experience.  Boston to Yaounde, Cameroon in October is ~$1500 for a round trip ticket.  However, ASCOVIME has housing available for anyone who volunteers, and is typically free or at cost (which is quite cheap in Africa).  Food in Cameroon is extremely cheap, you can usually eat for under $5 a day.  You will also need to get a visa from the Cameroonian embassy in Washington D.C. which will run you a little over $100.

More Information on Traveling to Cameroon as a Volunteer (coming soon)

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