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Fundraising Progress Update

  • How to contribute? Visit Ascovime USA for more info.
  • Raised so far: $16,915.00 – thank you!
Name or NicknameAmountTownNote
Cyrus Moon$1000.00Bakersfield, CA
Guy Ndomo$10.00Silver Spring, MD
Shane Davis$100.00 / month
Professional Interpreting, LLC$50.00
Nancy Hammerman$30.00Sherman Oaks, CA
Carol Schaffer$50.00
Mike Domingue$50.00
Michael Waidmann$5.00
Remco Leidemeyer$10.00
Ingrid RiosSchaaf$100.00Somerville, MA
Daniel Muller$50.00Weston, CT
Lars Peterson$30.00
Yaniel Santovenia$5.00
David Odumodu$20.00Manitock, ON
Frank Sarkodie$5.00
Donna Jones$100.00
Anonymous Donation$100.00My family thanks Dr. Bwelle for the tremendous sacrifice he has made to make Ascovime a reality and a blessing to so many people. I pray that God will continue to guide you and provide for this wonderful program. You are truly a hero
Kayla Lanker$20.00
Carrie Heppenstall$30.00Hamilton, ON
Cyrus Moon$1000.00Bakersfield, CA
Ana Martir$20.00
Eli Rapaich$30.00 / month
Krishnam Thotakura$50.00Eden Prairie, MN
Kathleen Bonvie$100.00
Margaret Showman$10.00Vous hacez un travaille bon! ...Je ne parle pas bien la française. :)
Marie Ngalame$25.00 / month
Jennifer Cheuk$100.00New York, NY
Bereavement Counseling on Wheels$5.00
Courtney Thigpen$10.00West End, NC
Deonna Carver$50.00
Maskell Wendy$50.00
Milton Skateboards$10.00Milton, FLThank you for everything that you do. I have heard so many stories from my sister, she is a peace corps member in cameroon. I wish i could donate more.
Claudia Monkam
$10.00Denver, CO
Harold mbarga-bella$30.00
Keith Cook$200.00
Swami of Prashanthi Nilayam$60.00Lowell, MAHello George & Mike.. GOD bless you. Jai Sairam Love All Serve All
Michael Mastrogiacomo$10.00
Suzanne Walczak and Cyriaque Sukam$2,500.00Milwaukee, WI In honor of the birth of our son: Franklin Moise Walczak Sukam. Thank you for the work you do!
Azah Galega-Sabum$30.00Glen Burnie, MD
Denise Williams$150.00
Roger Fonwe$20.00Keep it up...
Trenton Perkins$20.00
Elsa Brule$100.00Iron Mountain, MI
Anonymous$30.00Clichy, France
Stephen Ebulle$50.00
Gide Kouatchou$200.00Thank you for being kind. Keep up the good work.
William Fonkeng$30.00High Wycombe, UK
Tan Vo$50.00Garden Grove, CA
Gina Foote$30.00
Isaac Nguli Tanteh$25.00Dubai, UAE
Ng Harianto$20.00Singapore, Singapore
Vincent Tan$75.00
Judith Tchinda
Ciara Bartlett$5.00
Natalia Cabrera Cornejo$20.00I really like What you are doing. You are a hero. I read about you on CNN. I wish i have the dedication and perseverance like you. Good work :)
Muhammadou Suleymanu$10.00
Charles Ray$50.00
Jan Dimichino$100.00
Venus Kitagawa-Stojsic$20.00
Adetoro Olaojo$100.00
Trenton Perkins$20.00Love
Maria Perez$10.00 I don't have much money, but I hope you this can cover something that you may need. Thank you for your service
Olivia McCoin$100.00Keep up the amazing work! Love and Light
Kevin Ousman$5.00
Stephanie Dellosa$50.00
Moumbeh Nwankou Doublex$10.00Espoo, FinlandAm very touch by your work when i saw you video on CNN and search your NGO on the web. May God continue to bless you abundantly and keep up the good work. stay blessed.
Ashley Hambright$50.00
Dorothy Gladden$500.00
Joy Pizarro$50.00Houston, TX
Darlena Harris$60.00
Michelle Spalding$20.00This small donation is in thank you for Dr. Bwelle's work. Wish it could be more!
Somonea Cheng$50.00
Shannon Wilt$20.00Inspiring
Michael Hart$10.00
Mary Lewis$20.00
Wade Barrow$20.00$100.00
Oksana Doroshkevich$50.00
Laurie Zolkosky$10.00
Kelly Castella$250.00
Mark Schneider$30.00
Edward Kim$20.00
Taryn Clouse$50.00
Stan Graziano$5.00
Helen Greiner$100.00
Telethia Willis$100.00
Michel Stella$150.00-
Kelly Saunders$50.00Teaneck, NJ
Marilyn Vaughan$30.00McKinney, TX
Pat & Ellen Vaughan$500.00Ann Arbor, MIAll funds for Dr. Bwelle's work!
Kenneth Chaison$50.00N/A Thanks for informing me through Facebook about Dr. Bwelle and his organization, ASCOVIME. If you are not going back again, I trust that you will ensure that he gets these funds. I admire you both for the work you do.
Jean McGinnis$50.00Nebraska
Bonnie Brady$100.00
Jacob Cox$20.00APO, AE
Jean McGinnis$50.00Nebraska
Anjana Sousa$5.00Pleasantville, NY
Jody and Debbie Cox$500.00Daleville, VA
Alice Anderson$50.00N/A
N Kelly Hale$30.00Cincinatti, OH
Janet Miller$50.00Los Angeles, CA
Jeff Nelson$200.00N/A
Lynn Strauss$30.00Deerfield, Ill.
Michele Harper$200.00Tampa, FL I heard your story on NPR. I am a veterinarian and I volunteer for World Vets, an NGO, doing sterilization surgeries on dogs and cats in underserved area on central and south America.
Suzanne Walfoort$30.00Birchwood, MN
Sidney Foster$50.00N/A
Livia Wilz$20.00Berkeley, CA
Virginio Tordera$30.00Irvine, CA
Tiffanie Randall$30.00Orange County, CA
Thomas Lloyd$100.00Eagan, MN
Anonymous$30.00Los Angeles, CA
Karen Caskey$30.00Durham, NC
Cherith Rose-Glane$20.00Delray Beach, FLThank you and Dr. Georges!
Laurie Britten$100.00Boise, ID
George Ely$50.00N/A
Deborah Gadishaw$50.00Palm Harbor, FL
William Davis$20.00Piedmont, MO
Gladys Sansone$20.00Cincinnati, OH
Julia Fiskin$20.00Matawan, NJ
Jennifer Horvath$10.00Sylvania, OH
Rebecca Schiller$50.00Minneapolis, MN
Felipe Behrens$100.00Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Chris Held$50.00Omaha, NEHope to visit Doctor Georges maybe in February.
Y.C.$50.00Alhambra, CA
Sonam and Tanay Mutha$25.00Ann Arbor, MII heard the story on NPR and was truly amazed. Good luck Dr. Bwelle.
Cynthia Witherspoon$10.00Dallas, TX
Tessa Lineaweaver$50.00Woods Hole, MA
Robert Brown$50.00Rancho Cucamonga, CAThanks for maintaining this page. Heard The Story on NPR last night. Unbelievable. Will contact you via email to see about doing more....Bob
Carol Keller$50.00Costa Mesa, CA
Eden Fissihaie$10.00Mesquite, TX
Russell Doyle$50.00Long Beach, CAMike keep up the good work! You inspire everyone around the world
Mary Wardle$10.00Fullerton, CA
Donna Williams$50.00Raleigh, NCJust heard on NPR about Dr. George Bwelle's amazing dedication and love for his remote neighbors and wanted to send my token of appreciation for all that he does. God blesses all.
Benjamin $100.00Moncks Corner, SCThe interview on NPR was very touching. Thank you for providing a way for me to give to Dr. George and his cause.
Karine Lancaster$100.00Dallas, TXYour story on NPR was very moving and wonderful how you are helping people. Thanks!
Korrena Cooper-Poe$20.00Tacoma, WA
Constance L Clark$50.00Earlysville, VA
Mayra de los Reyes$30.00Chicago, ILI was touched by your story with Dick Gordon, keep fighting the good fight :)
Hugh Clark$50.00Westford, VTYou're always over the top!
Peter and Katarina ZvaraMedical SuppliesStowe, VT
Alan Brearley$30.00Essex Junction, VTBest of luck in this new experience!
Kristen Weischedel$20.00Essex Junction, VTMike, this sounds like a great, very eye opening opportunity. I hope that the mission continues to be a success!
Jeffrey Goodwin$20.00Essex Junction, VT
Hunter Bedard$30.00Harrisonburg, VA
Jenny Reynolds$10.00South Hero, VTMike, I'm just so impressed by this whole thing. From the sounds of it, its is really quite an amazing thing that Dr Bwelle has going on. I hope that you have no problems and are able to continue helping (and stay safe while you're doing it). Lastly, you are one of the few engineers I've met who is able to write in an engaging and entertaining manner, ha, so double win. Good Luck! Jenny
Michael Desmarais$10.00Essex, VT
Craig Abel-Palmer$100.00Shelburne, VTGood luck! Bring soap. Really.
Christian and Eva Kruse$100.00Westford, VTThe impact of this experience on you and those you encounter is immeasurable.
Sarah Szafir$350.00Essex Junction, VTMike - I'm sure this will be a fantastic learning experience for you and I'm sure you will be such a help to all there. Good luck and safe journey on behalf of myself, Dennis, Dan & Matt!
The Kaufmans$75.00South Burlington, VTGood luck and best wishes on this tremendously wonderful and worthwhile adventure!
Denise Gaudreau$50.00Essex Junction, VTCongratulations on your graduation and have a great time and learn lots during this fantastic trip.
Bob Savaglio$50.00Jericho, VT
Lan Gordon$40.00Essex Junction, VTGood Luck on Your Trip!
Bob Kale$50.00Essex Junction, VT
Brittany Moore$10.00Oxford, NJ
Karel Pavelka$50.00Colchester, VT
Cynthia Reynolds$100.00South Hero, VTMike, Best of Luck to you not only in Africa, but in your future plans. This is a wonderful cause and I hope you can get closer to your goal... Congratulations on your upcoming graduation!
Peter Szafir$250.00Mesa, AZ
Dean Rousseau$100.00South Hero, VT
Skip Fanus$200.00Essex Junction, VT
Sara Cavin$50.00East Thetford, VT
Beth Riggs$50.00Miles City, MT
Graeme Hutcheon$50.00Essex Junction, VT
Patricia Yandow$10.00Essex Junction, VT
Genie O'Neil$50.00Jeffersonville, VT
Ezra Ranz-Schleifer$50.00Greensboro, VT
Petr and Helena Ursiny$50.00Liberec, Czech RepublicSupport and greetings from elders from your hometown!
Joan Jordan$50.00Middlebury, VT
Deborah Brow$20.00Burlington, VTLoved reading about your Easter Services Ambush and admire your tenacity!!! Good luck on your mission.
Martha Small$50.00Shelburne, VT
James Iatridis$50.00Burlington, VT
Zheng Jing Zheng$7.00Bronx, NYHave a good time in Africa! Save some lives!
Catherine Desmarais$20.00Essex Junction, VT
Alexandra Brown$2.00Essex Junction, VT
Jessie Jones$10.00Newport Beach, CA
Erin Parizo$20.00Underhill, VTThis is awesome Mike!! Good luck :)
Abby Halpin$30.00Bellevue, WA
Richard Foote$50.00Shelburne, VT
Rebecca Trono$30.00Essex Junction, VT
Marnie Owen$20.00Winooski, VT
Nadir Sidi$5.00Essex Junction, VT
Patrick Norris$3.00Essex, VT
Jason Kale$3.00Essex, VT
Jason Acker$50.00Council Bluffs, IA
Katharine Williams$10.00Burlington, VT
Catherine Venson$10.00Lake Forest, IL
Andrew Boepple$20.00Topsfield, MAGood luck in Africa.
Alyson Millett$10.00Half Moon Bay, CAMichal Ursiny IS a great guy
Michal Ursiny$5.00Liberec, Czech Rep.Africa - land of our fathers
Peter Millett$50.00Bremen, MEMike-good luck. Seems like a great opportunity.
Jeff Hutchins$20.00Burlington, VT
Rohit Kohli$30.00Atlanta, GA
Brendan Long$5.00West Suffield, CT
Matt Mues$100.00Chestnut Hill, MAUrsiny is a Great guy.
William Bodette$50.00So. Burlington, VT
AJ Ford$20.00Philadelphia, PA
James Pan$5.00Oakland Gardens, NYGood luck with everything!

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