The following volunteers are instrumental in providing help to Dr. Georges Bwelle on the ground in Cameroon, whether it be in the operating room or logistics or recruiting surgeons.

Anselme Djeukam, Laboratory Operator, Author, and Painter

Anselme Djeukam – Anselme is a laboratory specialist who analyzes bodily samples to arrive at a diagnosis.  All he brings on each trip is his microscope, a few chemical reagents, and microscope slides.  He is a constant bundle of energy, extremely generous, and always willing to teach those interested in learning.  When he’s not volunteering or working at the hospital, he is painting and writing childrens’ books.  He is a published author and illustrator of several successful children’s books sold in Britain, France and Canada, of which he sees NO ROYALTIES and has received only $300.  Check his books out here and if you know any publishers that would be willing to give him a respectable contract, please contact us!

Zeng and Mesmin from left to right

Mesmin – Mesmin is Dr. Bwelle’s right- hand man when it comes to organizing pre-mission logistics and volunteer communications.  He prepares official documents for international volunteers for submission to the government for approval.  When not giving his time to Ascovime, he is busy running his own internet cafe in Yaounde, Cameroon!

Dr. Yannick Ekani Boukar – Dr. Boukar is an extremely meticulous surgery resident currently training at the Central Hospital of Yaounde in Cameroon.  When Boukar was young, he dreamed of being a pilot but alas, there are no Cameroonian pilot schools, so he decided to become a surgeon.  Now he dreams of coming to the United States for more advanced training and going back to Cameroon to continue helping his people.

Dr. Ousmana

Zeng Anicet – Zeng is Dr. Georges Bwelle’s left-hand man when it comes to assisting in the operating room, pre-operative setup, and general logistics during each mission.  Zeng recently came home from a mission to a burned down house with all his belongings inside.  Fortunately, Dr. Bwelle came to his aid and was able to give him money to buy clothes and food.

Dr. Patrick Ekoulou - Pediatrician in Yaounde, Cameroon

Dr. Serge Ousmana - Surgeon at the Central Hospital of Yaounde

Mike Ursiny – Founder of AscovimeUSA and current medical student in Vermont.

Mike Ursiny

In June of 2010, I went on a volunteer medicine trip to Africa with Ascovime and found it to be an immensely rewarding experience. With the help of friends, family, and the community, we raised over $3,600 to provide free health care to rural populations in Cameroon. Since then, we’ve nearly doubled the donation total.  If you’d like to find out more about the organization, peruse blog posts and pictures from my trip, or if would like to find out how you can help, click here or on the picture at the right!

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