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Dick Gordon in The Story on Dr. Georges BwelleDr. Bwelle on NPR!

Dick Gordon of North Carolina Public Radio hosts a show called The Story and has done a piece on Dr. Georges Bwelle!!!

Click for more, the story, download mp3 …

Where HBO Got Their Idea for 24/7 Hockey Series

I recently caught one of the episodes of HBO’s series “24/7″ which follows around the Washington Capitals and the Pittsburgh Penguins preceding the Winter Classic at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh.  A Canadian co-worker from Toronto told me about a similar movie, not a series, that was done on the 1986-1987 Edmonton Oilers called “The Boys on the Bus.”

That particular Edmonton Oilers team was basically an all-star team: Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, Paul Coffey, Kevin Lowe, Grant Fuhr, Craig Simpson, Esa Tikkanen, and Glenn Anderson.  “The Boys on the Bus” is truly a hockey fan’s classic film – I’d say better than 24/7 solely because of the 1980s music.  If you can get your hands on it, definitely watch it – until then, here is a little musical trailer someone posted.

Managing Your Upcoming Hangover

New Year’s Eve might be one of the best nights of the year and for good reason as it is the last opportunity to rock out on behalf of the past 364 days.  While New Year’s Eve is euphoric, it comes into stark contrast with New Year’s Day – the most pounding, irritable, unpleasant day of the new year.  Of course it’s the only day of the new year at that point, but it’s also international hangover day.

The question I sought out to answer was how to minimize, cure, or eliminate the effects of the hangover.  Let me first explain generally how hangover symptoms happen.

Hangovers are relatively poorly understood compared to other disease states primarily because researchers are more interested in alcohol abuse and addiction.  What they do know is that alcohol affects your body in a few ways:

1)      Dehydration/Fluid loss

Alcohol inhibits the production of a hormone that helps you retain water and keep you hydrated called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) sometimes called Vasopressin.  Blocking the secretion of this hormone causes you to urinate more often, thus losing water. Continue reading ‘Managing Your Upcoming Hangover’

Cambridge U – Jolly Good!

Big banking in the UK received a lump of coal from jolly old Cambridge University this Christmas.  The banking trade association in the UK wrote to Cambridge U asking them to censor an academic thesis of one of their students because it exposed one of their security flaws.  Instead of jumping at fixing the flaw they simply try to cover it up.  Click on the crest to check out the article:

Boston Blizzard!

Check out some cool pictures from a blizzard here near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Approximately 14″ (35 cm) of snow and up to 70 mph (112 kph) which has currently shut down Logan airport and also has caused a snow day for many businesses in the area!

My Honda

Wind plastering the side of a neighboring building

Dr. Georges Bwelle on Public Radio

Dick Gordon in The Story on Dr. Georges BwelleHi everyone, it’s been a while since I posted something. I’ve just caught wind of an NPR story about Dr. Bwelle!  Dick Gordon of North Carolina Public Radio hosts a show called The Story and will be doing a piece on Dr. Georges Bwelle.  It should air in Vermont on Monday 10/18/2010 at 2pm. Check it out here:

Updated 10/18 – The Story is out:

The Story producer Anita “Bekang” Woodley was in Cameroon this past summer, with a tape recorder, looking for her own ancestral village when she happened upon the doctor by chance. Today, we’ll hear Anita’s story of returning to her village, and Dr. Georges’ story of bringing health care to rural Africans.

Blog posts from my trip to Cameroon, where I was lucky enough to join with Dr. Georges, are here. By the way, he can always use your help. Here’s how donations that we raised before my trip in the spring 2010 were used.

Thanks for coming in!

The Story producer Anita “Bekang” Woodley was in Cameroon this Anita croppedpast  summer, with a tape recorder, looking for her own ancestral village when she happened upon the doctor by chance. Today, we’ll hear Anita’s story of returning to her village, and Dr. Georges’ story of bringing health care to rural Africans.

Journalism at Its Finest

Enjoy this great little tune made by some students at Middlebury College and a fledgling producer flown in from LA.  Clever little commentary on what college kids do at school, the brotherhood of lacrosse, and then below is a classic small-town, politically correct report from the local news.  Both are worth a chuckle.

Compelling newscast: (Embedding was disabled) on how the lacrosse players feelings were hurt.

The Times also wrote a little ditty about it:

Little Fenway Park

The annual whiffle ball tournament at Little Fenway and Little Wrigley in Essex, VT finished this weekend and no one really cares who won the tournament.  They raised over $300,000 for the Travis Roy Foundation to fund spinal cord research as well as help the injured make their lives easier by buying them special wheelchairs and the like.  I believe this was the ninth tournament since Pat O’Connor built the field in his backyard, and cumulatively they’ve already raised over $1 million.  Impressive!  Find out more about the tournament here.

An Important Lesson About Women

If you’re a lady you’re probably already thinking, whoa there buster, take it easy.  And if you’re a man, you’re probably thinking this is going to be interesting…

During my medical mission in Cameroon, I have learned a great deal about the cultural differences between the Western world and Africa.  However, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  It seems like they’re worlds away from an economic standpoint, but when it comes to inter-spousal relations, they’re right in our ballpark.

Exhibit A: our friend Philippe came to the hospital on our surgery day, when Dr. Georges and I typically don’t see patients.  However, the back story of his plight was just too much for us not to stay a little late and fix him up.

Continue reading ‘An Important Lesson About Women’

The Latest African Epidemic: World Cup Fever

I don’t know how to put this, but the World Cup is kind of a big deal.  Even in the United States, perhaps as a result of hosting the 1994 World Cup, the popularity is rising, whereas in the rest of the world, it’s all-consuming.

This is Eto'o. More popular in Cameroon than God or Allah.

Cameroon is a huge soccer country.  Where ever there is a flat rectangular area, or just a flat area for that matter, children or adults have erected makeshift goals.  Young and old can be seen playing in the morning, at lunch, after school, and also when they’re supposed to be at work.  If you want to come to Cameroon, but you’re worried about not knowing French, well, learn to play soccer instead.  The most widely used language in the world is football (soccer).

Luxurious nets at the American School of Yaounde

Continue reading ‘The Latest African Epidemic: World Cup Fever’