Monthly Archive for March, 2010

The Site Goes Live has officially gone live today!  As of now, the website is fully functional, but certainly a work in progress.  Please make as many comments and suggestions as you can as to how I can improve the site, all are welcome. This is my first real website so I’m sure I may have overlooked some simple things.

Enjoy the website, read about the great work that will be done, make a financial contribution, tell your friends, and subscribe to the page or check back periodically for updates.


I’m Going To Africa

By virtue of the title of this post, I’m sure you’ve gathered that I’m going to Africa.  An opportunity to volunteer on a medical mission with a Cameroonian General Surgeon into the African jungle fell into my lap and I took it. The University of Vermont helped pay for the airfare, Dr. Georges Bwelle (the surgeon) will host me, and my family will be taking care of the other expenses. All of that is great but this trip is an opportunity to do a lot more, and this is where I need everyone’s help.

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