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Journalism at Its Finest

Enjoy this great little tune made by some students at Middlebury College and a fledgling producer flown in from LA.  Clever little commentary on what college kids do at school, the brotherhood of lacrosse, and then below is a classic small-town, politically correct report from the local news.  Both are worth a chuckle.

Compelling newscast: (Embedding was disabled) on how the lacrosse players feelings were hurt.

The Times also wrote a little ditty about it:

Little Fenway Park

The annual whiffle ball tournament at Little Fenway and Little Wrigley in Essex, VT finished this weekend and no one really cares who won the tournament.  They raised over $300,000 for the Travis Roy Foundation to fund spinal cord research as well as help the injured make their lives easier by buying them special wheelchairs and the like.  I believe this was the ninth tournament since Pat O’Connor built the field in his backyard, and cumulatively they’ve already raised over $1 million.  Impressive!  Find out more about the tournament here.