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Managing Your Upcoming Hangover

New Year’s Eve might be one of the best nights of the year and for good reason as it is the last opportunity to rock out on behalf of the past 364 days.  While New Year’s Eve is euphoric, it comes into stark contrast with New Year’s Day – the most pounding, irritable, unpleasant day of the new year.  Of course it’s the only day of the new year at that point, but it’s also international hangover day.

The question I sought out to answer was how to minimize, cure, or eliminate the effects of the hangover.  Let me first explain generally how hangover symptoms happen.

Hangovers are relatively poorly understood compared to other disease states primarily because researchers are more interested in alcohol abuse and addiction.  What they do know is that alcohol affects your body in a few ways:

1)      Dehydration/Fluid loss

Alcohol inhibits the production of a hormone that helps you retain water and keep you hydrated called anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) sometimes called Vasopressin.  Blocking the secretion of this hormone causes you to urinate more often, thus losing water. Continue reading ‘Managing Your Upcoming Hangover’

Big Thanks to Global Links and MediFree

Donations for Christmas!

I traveled to Cameroon, a country on the Atlantic coast of Africa, this past May and June on a medical aid mission.  Upon my return, others have kept spreading the word of Ascovime, Dr. Georges Bwelle’s grassroots medical organization and have also continued donating.  NPR did a segment of “The Story” with Dick Gordon about Dr. Bwelle and Ascovime which helped bring in donations from all over the United States.  Along with many substantial monetary donations, others have expressed great interest in volunteering and donating medical supplies.

School and Medical Supplies

Global Links and MediFree have been generous enough to send two boxes worth of sutures (over 200), gauze, catheters, spinal needles, iodine swabs, as well as school supplies for African children.  This was all facilitated by the work of another small organization called Sutures Are A Human Right.  Please be sure to check these sites out and support.  Thanks again to Global Links, MediFree, and Sutures Are A Human Right!

Cambridge U – Jolly Good!

Big banking in the UK received a lump of coal from jolly old Cambridge University this Christmas.  The banking trade association in the UK wrote to Cambridge U asking them to censor an academic thesis of one of their students because it exposed one of their security flaws.  Instead of jumping at fixing the flaw they simply try to cover it up.  Click on the crest to check out the article:

Boston Blizzard!

Check out some cool pictures from a blizzard here near Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  Approximately 14″ (35 cm) of snow and up to 70 mph (112 kph) which has currently shut down Logan airport and also has caused a snow day for many businesses in the area!

My Honda

Wind plastering the side of a neighboring building