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Making a Difference in Cool Way

The mission of Ascovime is to provide rural populations in Cameroon with healthcare and educational supplies, all free of charge.  Ascovime functions to achieve this goal in a rather unique way compared to other humanitarian organizations – all members contribute on a volunteer basis, so all the money raised goes directly to those who really need it.  With this model comes the need for great grassroots efforts from all over the world.

Cool Students in Yaounde

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How Ascovime Operates

If you’re wondering how Ascovime does its work on the ground, this video pretty well encapsulates it.  The scenery, music, makeshift equipment and transport, and a jovial attitude are all represented in this fine work.  Credit to TristanChampion for putting this video together.

Ascovime Paris

For those of you that understand French out there, here is a nice little slideshow that was put together by the folks in Paris.  They are the original Ascovime and have been working diligently throughout the years to support the medical teams on the ground in Cameroon.  Check out the slideshow!

I Graduated! Now what?

Right about now, there is a plethora of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed graduating seniors on college campuses everywhere.  However, as they all slowly return from the four-year stupor in  which they became experts of herbal experimentation and yeast-based inebriation, the realization will come that the $100,000 in debt needs to be paid off somehow, and soon.  Perhaps it wasn’t the best decision, see alternatives.

New York Times Bestseller

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