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Hi and thanks for coming in!

UVM graduation

I am a brand new mechanical engineering / pre-med graduate of University of Vermont, now volunteering in Cameroon, Africa on a medical mission. During the months leading to my departure for Africa, I had been raising money to bring with me to donate to the cause. With the help of over 50 friends, neighbors, complete strangers, and this web site, we managed to collect over $2,500.

Patients waiting for results from the lab.

The day after my arrival in Africa, I saw first hand what an incredible difference the donations made in the lives of poorest of the poor, when it financed the entire supply of medications and surgical supplies for one such mission to the jungle village of Maboye. Details? The money helped provide 14 people with free operations, medications for 200 people who had anything from vitamin deficiencies to malaria, and transportation for the crew of 20 volunteer doctors and medical professionals.

I recommend that you read that slowly again, and imagine that there are real people behind those numbers. Click here, and you’ll see pictures from the village, field operating room, volunteers, and patients. The money we raised actually changing people’s lives.

Transportation for 20.

I want to keep this page short and get to the point. 50 people were generous enough to donate, but how much more difference we could make if we double that? What if we get 500 people to contribute? There is a huge need here, there are qualified people willing to volunteer, but some things just need to be paid for – basic medical supplies, tools, drugs, transportation (doctors & volunteers have to get to the jungle), fuel, generators.

Surgery in the field hospital.

Please click around this site, learn what Dr. Bwelle’s medical missions are all about, and contribute whatever you can. No matter how tough we think things may be in the US and the “first” world, anyone can spare $10 or $20. You’ll enjoy knowing that your contribution will go straight to where it’s needed, it will have immediate impact in the lives of people who absolutely 100% need the help. This is a grassroots effort, but that also means that your money will NOT fund the outrageousness of “charities” who are associated with fat salaries, expense accounts, PR agencies, limos, and chartered jets.

Pastor of Maboye thanked each of us at least 12 times

If you are a member of a group, church, community or sports club, have a list of friends you think would be interested in the story and in helping, or a generous employer, boss, co-workers, please find a little bit of your time to send them a link to this site, and encourage them to check it out.

In case you are wondering how I can afford to place text ads on Google, the answer is I received a $100 promotional coupon. I have no intention or means to pay for these ads, and they will expire once the $100 is exhausted, but if you happen to have an access to Google AdWords promotional codes you would be willing to donate, please contact me.

I will be back in the US at the end of June, and will restart my search for work. If you are in a position to help or know who to contact (my info and resume are available here), please get in touch – and thank you.


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