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Leafletting: An American Past time

Little Sis and Big Bro heading out for an Easter celebration of  our own

Siblings heading out for an Easter celebration

Distributing leaflets on cars is an age-old gray area when it comes to non-commercial and commercial advertising. Well maybe not age-old, the patriots of the American Revolution utilized this method heavily.  The modern consensus on the internets is that pamphlets are annoying, so when extrapolated to the general public, I would say that they’re not exactly a fan favorite. However, as a cheap and relatively easy way to reach a large amount of people I decided to do it anyway.

Perhaps I thought it would be successful and unannoying to the vehicles’ owners because it’s THAT good of a cause. The idea came from my old man this past Friday, “Did you know the Essex Alliance Church is having Easter at the Patrick Gym?”

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