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Getting Some Press

News posted by the University of Vermont College of Engineering

Greetings to all!

There’s a great little news article posted by the University of Vermont College of Engineering about my medical mission to Africa.  Everyone should go read it and pass it on, although just a small blurb, I think it captures the story quite well.  Be sure to share the story with others and hopefully this will lead to more press in the near future!

You can click here to read the news article or find it through the College of Engineering and Mathematics homepage.

Thanks again and enjoy!

Easter Services Ambush

Friendly folk from California

The first week of the fundraising campaign flew by quickly. The grand total so far is $585 with major contributions from my friends, especially related via our extended hockey families. Not too shabby, but we need to pick up the pace in order to achieve the goal of $5000.

Our simple handout.

Continuing from the previous post on leafletting: for those that are just joining on this post and don’t feel like reading the previous one, my sister and I made leaflets and distributed them on cars at Easter eve church service at the Patrick Gym on the campus of UVM.  The Essex Alliance Church management was rather displeased with our intentions but we decided to see whether our fellow Christians, who are already drowning in fundraising requests left and right, are able to recognize good charity from great charity. My sister and I decided to join the Easter Sunday services for which Essex Alliance Church rented UVM’s Patrick Gym, and for which they advertised like a toothpaste company. We made some fliers to handout, I got me a clean shaven face, and went begging fundraising.

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