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Jungle Medicine

We arrived in Maboye, an isolated jungle village in Cameroon, at 9pm to a crowd of about 200 villagers.  As soon as they saw our headlights, they rose from their seats and came to greet us with hugs, handshakes, and singing.  After all personal and medicinal baggage was unloaded, Pastor Nselba Bikoi Bruno had us all sit in the main room of the biggest home in the village.  There a 10 year old girl had a prepared welcome in French for Dr. Bwelle and gave him flowers.  The Pastor made a little speech, thanked us profusely, and had the women of the village bring in platters of food, a feast they prepared for us.

Dr. Bwelle received plastic flowers from a young girl, note the awesome UVM t-shirt

Giant plates of whole fried fish, chicken, porcupine, bread, rice, plantaines, and ndolet were displayed on the table for eating.  That was fortunate, for we had just spent over an hour trying to free our van from the jungle road.

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