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Frontiers in Autonomic Neuroscience!

A great read I found this morning…

Non-Anesthetized Mouse Model for Recording Sensory Urinary Bladder Activity

Peter Zvara 1*, Andrew J. Wright 1, Kristopher Roach 1, Michal Ursiny 1, Bennett Shapiro 1, Lawrence M. Dagrosa 1, Mark T. Nelson 2 and Thomas J. Heppner 2

  • 1Surgery, University of Vermont, USA
  • 2Pharmacology, Univeristy of Vermont, USA

The goal of this study was to develop an in vivo awake mouse model for extracellular bladder sensory nerve recording. A bipolar 125-µm silver electrode was positioned under a single postganglionic bladder nerve. Efferent nerve signals were eliminated by tying off the postganglionic bladder nerve between the major pelvic ganglion and the recording electrode. Sensory nerve activity was measured in the conscious animals 48 hours after surgery during continuous intravesical infusion of 0.9% saline/0.5% acetic acid followed by 0.5% acetic acid with capsazepine (10 µM) at a rate of 0.75 ml/h. Continuous infusion of 0.9% NaCl led to a gradual increase in the frequency of sensory nerve firing that peaked upon reaching threshold pressure. Non-micturition contractions were observed in some animals during filling and other animals exhibited only minimal pressure fluctuations; both types of events were associated with a rise in sensory nerve activity. Intravesical infusion of 0.5% acetic acid reduced the intermicturition interval. This was associated with a 2.1-fold increase in bladder pressure during filling and a 2-fold increase at both threshold and micturition pressures. Concurrent with these changes, sensory activity increased 2.8-fold during filling and 2.4-fold at threshold pressure. Subsequent intravesical infusion of capsazepine in 0.5% acetic acid reduced filling and threshold pressures by 21% and 31.2%, respectively, and produced corresponding decreases of 36% and 23.4% in sensory nerve activity. The current study shows that multi-fiber sensory nerve recordings can be reproducibly obtained from conscious mice.

Full Article (PDF)

Man on a Mission in Essex Reporter

Dr. Georges makes the cover of Essex Reporter!

My hometown paper published a really nice story about my mission.

Huge thanks to Phyl Newbeck, she wrote amazingly accurate and detailed column, it makes my trip sound a lot more important and bigger than it is.

Essex Junction resident Mike Ursiny is a man on a mission; a medical mission, that is.  Ursiny, a senior at UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences will spend part of his summer on a medical mission in Africa.

Born in the Czech Republic, Ursiny moved to Essex Junction at the age of three.  A three-sport athlete at Essex High School, he is about to graduate UVM with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Pre-Medical Studies. As he mulls over his career options – he is interested in both medicine and bio-engineering – Ursiny decided to spend some time getting hands-on medical experience while helping those less fortunate.

Crop of the cover page. Click to embiggen.

A friend of his father told Ursiny about Dr. Georges Bwelle, a surgeon operating in Cameroon, a nation of roughly 20 million people on the west coast of Africa.  During the week, Bwelle works out of a hospital in Yaounde, Cameroon’s capital city, but every weekend during the dry season, he and his volunteers head out to the poorest regions of the country where he sets up temporary clinics. Bwelle does not have the money to solicit volunteers, but he certainly welcomes them and is happy to have Ursiny spend a month with him in Cameroon.

Ursiny is excited about the opportunity, noting that he will get more hands on experience than he might in the United States. Additionally, although he has travelled widely, both “comfort travel” (as he calls it), and bicycling and backpacking trips, his exposure has been limited to first world countries such as Austria, France, Germany and Italy. This will be his first time venturing to a developing nation.

Thanks to my neighbors, friends and other Essex Reporter readers for their best wishes and contributions to the cause. It sounds like Reporter is more popular than I thought.

You can read the full article here, I hope they’ll keep it there for some time.