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Burlington Free Press Writes About Trip to Cameroon

Under the headline “UVM graduate discovers career in rural Africa” the Burlington Free Press printed nice follow-up article about my trip to Cameroon.

He recently returned from an intense four weeks in the African nation of Cameroon helping surgeon Georges Bwelle minister to those unable to afford medical care.

Bwelle’s base is Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, but every weekend during the dry season he and a team of volunteers head into the poorer, rural sections of the country to set up free temporary clinics. None of the volunteers are paid for their efforts, and Bwelle doesn’t have the money to recruit help. He relies on word of mouth and the generosity of others.

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Getting Some Press

News posted by the University of Vermont College of Engineering

Greetings to all!

There’s a great little news article posted by the University of Vermont College of Engineering about my medical mission to Africa.  Everyone should go read it and pass it on, although just a small blurb, I think it captures the story quite well.  Be sure to share the story with others and hopefully this will lead to more press in the near future!

You can click here to read the news article or find it through the College of Engineering and Mathematics homepage.

Thanks again and enjoy!