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Shower of the Gods

Every hearty Vermonter, or cold-weather inhabitant for that matter, knows the feeling: the desire to do nothing other than shower.  After a frigid game of pond hockey or a long day on the windy slopes, the numbness in your extremities seeps through to your core.  It’s a cold, wet sensation that only a hot shower or bath will remedy.  That’s what driving back from the jungle felt like.

Not only did I not shower during the weekend in Maboye, but the only shower I had taken since I arrive on May 27th was pouring rainwater on me using a cup.  Spending the weekend sweating through a set of scrubs and one set of street clothes, I was smelling like the damp sock you left in your high school gym locker after playing soccer in the rain, to put it politely.  A shower was all I wanted.

However, Dr. Bwelle had other plans for us, he always does.  One of Dr. Bwelle’s very close friends, a minister of commerce I believe, was hosting the celebration for his son’s baptism, a very big deal in Cameroon.  We were all apparently invited. Had they known the state that we were in, perhaps they would have retracted the invitations.  Never-the-less, Dr. Bwelle assured us that it was fine and I was later informed that part of the measure of your social status in Cameroon is how well you host a party for guests.  Sure this is partly a measure of how much money you have, but I must say that the U.S. could use a little more social measurement by how well you share with those around you.

An example of Northern Cameroonian apparel

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